EOCR 3DE + Extemal CT Relay

EOCR 3DE + Extemal CT Relay

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EOCR 3DE + Extemal CT Digital Over Current Relay

Model: EOCR 3DE + Extemal CT

 In an EOCR 3DE + Extemal CT Relay, whenever the current is very high, the heater opens up the relay contact, which carries the current to the coil of the contactor. As soon as the contact gets open, the aforementioned coil de-energizes resulting in an interruption of the main power. These contacts do not have any kind of effect on the control power.


  • Compact Design
  • 3DE/3EZ : Panel Mounting Type
  • MCU(Microprocessor Control Unit) Based
  • 3 Integral Current Transformers
  • Multiple Protection Functions
  • Digital Ammeter
  • Troubleshooting / Trip Cause Memory, Display
  • Adjustable Operating Features by Mode switch
  • Wide Current Adjustment Range
  • Selectable Time-Current Characteristics (Inverse / Definite)
  • Manual (Instantaneous) / Electrical (Remote) Reset
  • Test Function
  • Ambient Insensitive
  • Selectable Fail-safe and Non-fail-safe Operation Modes

Comparison Table of Model





Over - current

Under - current

Phase Loss

Phase Unbalance

Phase Reverse

Locked Rotor

Ground Fault


Run Monitor & Load Alert Function


Selectable Alerting Pulse


Looping Option

Smaller ampere ranges than particular EOCR current range can be covered by looping the motor wire 2 or 3 times as under described.

External CT Option

Higher ampere ranges can be achieved by setting in “CT” mode fitted to an external current transformer, and the actual motor current display is possible in any case

Alert Function

When motor operating current (In) exceeds the alert setting (As), the alert relay outputs three kind of signal. The output can be used to warn customers/ operators of possible overloading and avoid unnecessary motor shut down. The type of output signal is decided by the selection in the “Alo” mode

  • A”(Ampere relay): energized whenever CT senses a current
  • F”(Flickering): character“A” and current value flashs frequently
  • H”(Holding): ON-OFF
  • U”(Undercurrent mode): the “AL” output(07┫┣08) is transferred into
  • Uc” output